Associate Professor Dr Anvarjon Ahmedov's research is grounded in theories and methods found in the field of mathematical analysis with application to spectral theory of elliptic differential operators (particularly Laplace-Beltrami operator) and wavelet expansions, p-adic Fourier series. His research primarily falls into the following themes:

  1. Localization and summability of eigenfunction expansions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on unit sphere.
  2. The spectral decompositions of the elliptic pseudo-differential operators.
  3. The convergence of eigenfunction expansions of elliptic operators in closed domain.
  4. The approximation of integral and solutions of integral equations by wavelets.
  5. The localizations of spectral decompositions of distributions.
  6. The almost everywhere convergence of p-adic Fourier series
  7. Mathematical Modelling of the Heat and Mass transfer processes

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